Welcome! I'm Stephanie, AKA The Sugarista and Founder of London Sugaring Company.
I teach Sugaring to Estheticians and Beauty Therapists throughout the US and Europe and distribute
Tamara's Sugar - Organic Range to the UK. 

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Learn the Art of Sugaring


Online Advanced Training : 

This Spring I'll be launching my first Online Advanced Course L1: Fundamentals of Effective Sugaring Technique. In this course I'll teach you how become a faster, more confident Sugaring Pro and show you how to make your technique MUCH easier! You'll gain access to 10 info packed, practical video modules. This class will only runs 2 times a year so don't miss out on this first cohort!

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Live Classes

This year I'll be teaching Live Sugaring courses in Chicago, London, Nottingham, Belfast, Glasgow and Dublin. On site training is also available for studios internationally. 

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One on One Support

From my 24 Hour Technique Review to Skype Sessions to Monthly Check in Calls, I support Sugaristas throughout the UK and US. There a tons of ways we can work together virtually to help improve your technique.

If you're feeling isolated, struggling or just need a cheerleader on your Sugaring journey then please get in touch.

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Stephanie King : The Sugarista + Founder of London Sugaring Company



Sugaring is the hottest method of Organic Hair Removal to hit the beauty industry. Sugaring is just getting started in the UK. Ready to learn more?