Enter the Sugarista... Miss Stephanie herself. You guys, this woman is GOLD. I am 100% a sugaring convert. After going here for several months consecutively, I can say without a doubt that Stephanie is the most professional yet accommodating and sweet esthetician I’ve ever worked with. Oh, and did I mention she’s a perfectionist? You will never leave her office and then realize that she missed a spot, or even a hair.
— Client from The Sugarista

Happy Clients


I cannot say enough about how Stephanie has changed my life! She makes voluntary pain (at an affordable price) so pleasant with great conversation, so that it's all over before you know it. And because she works swiftly and quickly, with precision to boot, you will never want to wax again. In fact, you'll probably curse yourself for ever having waxed in the past.

— Yelp Review

If you have any hair on your body that you'd like removed, please visit The Sugarista. It'll be the best hair-removal experience of your life, I promise.


I'm disappointed in myself that I have neglected to write a review for Sugarista and the fabulous Stephanie. Let me just say that I've been an avid sugar lover for years, so much so that I was flying back to San Diego to see my sugarer to get my "maintenance" done. Do the math...on a five week average cycle, it was costing me quite a bit to get sugared.


If you haven't experienced The Sugarista service you are missing out! The best customer service and smoothest skin you will ever receive. I was skeptical years back after always using wax....after seeing Stephanie for years now I would never go any place else. No more ingrown hairs, no bumps and no redness. Just baby smooth skin right after my treatment and it lasts for weeks! Thank you to her and the employees for always providing an exceptional service.



Stephanie is also fantastic with brows. I've previously only gotten my eyebrows threaded, or have tweezed them myself. I've been terrified to get them waxed because they're naturally thin and all it takes is one "oops" for me to end up without any brows. Stephanie took great care to clean up my brows and shape them without taking too much off. Some people, unfortunately, get way too nervous when I say I have thin brows, please don't remove them entirely -- they barely do any cleanup and I feel like I paid for nothing. Stephanie struck the perfect balance and also did a great job of trimming the eyebrows.

— Yelp Review

Stephanie is the BEST in Portland! She is a Jedi master in perfect brows and magically making other hair remove. In addition to bring an expert, she is a total sweetie.

— Maria

Stephanie does a wonderful job keeping you calm and ready to power through the pain.  Her motto is :  You'll like me tomorrow. While I liked Stephanie while I was there, she's right.  I did like her more the next day because my lady bits felt so good and looked wonderful!  I can't wait to go back and get the royal treatment.  If you've ever wondered about getting sugared then you have to just try cause you'll never go back to the wax. 


I stumbled upon Stephanie's business completely by chance. I had never been waxed, and had never even heard of sugaring.

I looked up the process, the benefits of sugaring over waxing and decided to give it a sporting chance!

Stephanie is just amazing. Professional, sanitary, incredibly friendly, very in tune with her client's reactions and knowledgeable.

She makes me laugh, and forget that someone is pulling hair from my body :)

She will quickly become a friend and your go to girl for hair removal.

— Yelp Review