Hi! I'm Stephanie.

I've spent the last decade paving my path as entrepreneur in the Sugaring world.

If you're still wondering what heck Sugaring is and how it's going to up your game, I'm here to tell you all about it. But first I want to share a bit of my background. I left a desk job in 2007 and attended an Esthetics program in the US to dive into an interest I had for natural skincare. It was there that I first learned about Body Sugaring, an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that uses a paste made of only lemon, Sugar and water. I wasted no time and quickly enrolled in a two day class to get Certified. The rest is history!

I've taken my passion for this amazing technique and focused all of my energy and effort into becoming one of the top experts and Educators in Body Sugaring.

I also Founded and ran a highly profitable and well respected Sugaring studio in Portland, Oregon called....The Sugarista (that's me!). One thing I am incredibly proud of is the community of Sugaristas that I've trained and worked with over the years. I've had the opportunity to help build a flourishing community of Sugaring practitioners and business owners in Portland, Oregon and beyond. I've also had the pleasure of training schools throughout the US and students from all over the globe. 

I'm an expat living and working in the UK.

In 2016 I decided to follow my heart and a deep sense of opportunity to the UK where I currently teach and distribute Tamara's Organic Sugar Paste at London Sugaring Company. Sugaring has barely hit the market here in the UK and I intend to spread the word far and wide. I also return to the US regularly to work with Studios and host training classes as well as travel internationally to teach. So, if you've been thinking about learning how to Sugar, no matter where you are in the world I am definitely your gal! I am well connected with Educators throughout the globe, so if I can't personally train you I can still help you find a great Educator.


Small business is my jam.

I also work closely with Tamara Anderson, of Tamara's Sugar as the Director of Education & International Distribution. It is a pleasure to work with all the US based Sugaring Educators and brand new Distributors opening up in places such as Sweden and Italy.

In addition to my love for the sweet Sugary stuff I've also created my own Natural Body Care Line called Beauty Archaeology that retails online and in Sugaring Studios throughout the US. I studied Aromatherapy in NYC and learned the magical art of blending essential oils for skin care and well- being. I am an avid experimenter and tinkerer when it comes to plant based skincare. I love yoga, astrology, dance parties, retreats, open water swimming, camping and my very handsome Italian hubby and my sweet baby Leo. Two things that are always on my mind - travel and coffee! Next year I celebrate 10 years as an Entrepreneur and lover of the start up! 

I'd love to share my experiences with you through training, consulting or just a good old chit chat. Please reach out any time for info on classes, business ideas, product or collaborative opportunities. Cheers!