An Ancient Art
Made Modern


So, what exactly is Sugaring? 

Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of Hair Removal and originates from Ancient Egypt. This natural method uses a simple paste made from three ingredients, Sugar (of course!), Water and Lemon, or more commonly today, naturally derived Citric Acid. It's so clean that it's actually edible and pretty tasty! Over the years Sugaring Technique has evolved quite a bit and today studios are offering Cold Sugar, Strip Sugar, Sugar Wax and my personal area of specialty Traditional Sugaring, aka the Hand Method. In Traditional Sugaring technique we manipulate this room temperature Sugar Paste by hand, using a moulding action to apply and a flicking motion to remove. It is truly an art, no doubt about it! As a practitioner of Traditional Sugaring you'll impress you clients with your dexterity, but keep them coming back for the unparalleled results.

Sugaring is the most superior method of Hair Removal. Here's why!

 Sugar Paste is All Natural. Tamara's Sugar is actually Certified Organic & Fair Trade! It's not hot! Unlike wax, Sugar Paste will never burn or sensitize your skin.

Sugar Paste is water soluble. This means easy clean up and easy to erase mistakes on Brows and Bikini lines. What's even more important, you'll never lift or remove anything but hair. Sugar Paste simply cannot adhere to live skin cells! 

Sugaring can extract shorter hair than wax. You can only imagine all the benefits that come along with this. Your clients will be able to come in sooner and you'll be able to extract more hair in early or active growth cycles. This leads to faster refinement and reduction of growth! As a practitioner this also means happy clients and lightening FAST maintenance appointments. You'll be shocked to see how quickly you can help your clients achieve reduced and refined regrowth.

No double dipping. No Sticks. No Strips. Need I say more?

Sugaring extracts hair in the direction of growth,  not against it like wax. Your clients will rave about the decreased discomfort and less traumatic experience of having hair removed more easily from the follicle. Not to mention, Sugaring clients have dramatically less ingrown hair than waxing or shaving clients. This is due to decreased breakage and much less aggressive "rip" than is required with wax.

 Sugaring is a highly profitable, low overhead service! Both Hair Removal and Natural Skincare are booming industries in the US and UK. Sugaring taps into all client markets - eco conscious, ingredient conscious, sensitive skin, wax aversive, trend seeking, teen, men and ALL women, ALL hair types.